We have two programs for children: Code on Zoom and Summer Coding Classes. 

Code-on-Zoom courses run for 9 months. The classes are once a week for one hour every Tuesday or Thursday. Class sizes are capped at 15 for each session. The 9-months course is divided into 3 sessions of 12-week classes with a one-week break between the sessions and two months summer break in July and August. Your child can start their 9-months course in any of these time slots for 2021:

Tuesday Classes 

  • January 12th to March 30th

  • April 13th to June 29th (Cancelled)  

  • September 7th to November 23rd

Thursday Classes 

  • January 14th to April 1st

  • April 15th to July 1st (Cancelled)

  • September 9th to November 25th

Summer Coding Classes are one-hour-long classes two times a week. The classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm from July 6th to August 26th.  


Code on Zoom U12

$300 per session 


This class runs on Tuesdays. The course starts students with introductory skills and continues to build on coding skills for the duration of the course. 

Code on Zoom 12+

$350 per Child


This class runs on Thursdays at 6-7 pm MST. It combines the introductory & intermediate skill levels and continues to the application of coding principles.

Summer Classes

$350 per Child

Class Times

There are 3-time slots for each day. 5-6 pm, 6-7 pm, or 7-8 pm. Please indicate your preference when you register. 

Summary of Course Content

Week 1: Introductions and Setup

Children are introduced to their course outline, they set up their computer to run applications for coding and create their first lines of code.

Weeks 2-11 - Intensive Codding classes

Each week comes with learning different concepts, the teacher introduces the concept, demonstrates how the concept is used and provides children with opportunities to try out the concept by applying it to a real-world example. Children have homework every other week, they also have help sessions as required.

Week 12: Demo your Project

Children are introduced to a set of projects by week 7. The project can be done in groups of 2 or individually. They will work on the projects until the end of the curse and display a demonstration of their projects on the last day of classes. Parents are invited to see the demo.

What you need for class

Responsive Website


(desktop or laptop)

White Headphones


Network Hub and Cable

Internet Connection

Neat Computer Desk

Good Seating Area

Black Notebook

Writing Material


Your Awesome Self