You're never too old to learn how to code!

Adult Coding Programs


We have two programs for Adults; Adult Coding Class and Coding Masterclass. 

Adult Coding Class

This is a 9-month extensive coding course. The classes are once a week from 6-730pm MST every Monday or Friday. Class sizes are capped at 10 for each session. The 12-months course is divided into 3 sessions of 12-week classes with a one-week break between the sessions. You can start the course at any of the following time slots for 2021:

Mondays @6-730pm MST 

  • January 11th to March 29th

  • April 12th to June 29th  (Cancelled)

  • July 12th to September 27th

  • October 4th  to December 2th

Fridays@6-730pm MST

  • January 15th to April 2nd 

  • April 16th to July 2nd   (Cancelled)

  • July 16th to October 1st

  • October 15th to December 24th

Coding Masterclass

Coding Masterclass is a 24-hour intensive coding class that happens every month. The classes are on Saturdays only and can be taken as:

  • 6 hours weekly for 4 weeks (9 AM -12 Noon and 1-4 PM MST)

  • 3 hours for 8 weeks (9 am - 12 Noon MST)

  • 3 hours for 8 weeks (1 PM - 4 Noon MST)

Adult Class ($350 per Session)

Sessions start with introductory and intermediate skills and continue to advanced, expert, and professional levels.

Session 1:

  • Python: Introductory and Intermediate skills

  • SQL: Basic and Intermediate skills

  • Tableau: Basic and Intermediate skills

Session 2:

  • HTML & CSS: Create your own website

  • Web Development & Programming

  • Business Analytics with Excel

  • Visual Basics Programming

Session 3:

  • JAVA Javascript

  • Power BI

  • Final Project

Coding Masterclass ($450 per Session)

The course includes demos, projects, and solving real workplace problems as well as practical applications of coding techniques.
Course Contents
  • Python /Java
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • Visual Basics Programing
  • Power BI
  • More...


Coding is a basic literacy in today's digital age. Children (and adults!) need to understand coding as early as possible for them to work with and understand the technology they engage with daily. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future and it boosts their communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.

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