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You're never too old to learn how to code!

Adult Coding Classes ($350 per Session)

This class is an coding course that is focused on learning programing languages from beginner skills to advanced level applications. Class sizes are capped at 10 for each group, but we will open another class on the same day at a different time in keeping with our small class size policy. Languages available include python, Perl, Java, Java Script, HTML/CSS, and much more.
The 12-months course is divided into 4 sessions of 12-week classes with a one-week break between the sessions. At the end of the 12-month course, the student would have learned at least 3 different programming languages and be able to create professional-level applications to solve real-world problems by using one or a combination of the languages learned.  
Fridays @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (MST), starting in:
  •  January
  • April   
  • July 
  • October 

Coding Masterclass ($450 per Session)

Coding Masterclass is a 24-hour intensive class over a period of 4 weeks. The course includes demos, projects, and solving real workplace problems as well as practical applications of coding principles. Students are to choose any two course they are interested in learning.
The classes are 3-hour long and are scheduled as follows: 
  • Saturdays 9 am - 12 Noon (MST)
  • Saturdays 1 pm - 4 pm (MST) 
Regardless of your level of expertise in these programs, our sessions start with introductory and intermediate skills and continue to advanced, expert, and professional levels. Below is a sample curriculum for a Masterclass session. Note that the session begins with Python, but students can decide the other lessons as required for their professional development. 
Courses available include:
 Python (12 hours)
  • Beginner skills and basic programming principles
  • Intermediate skills and application of coding principles 
  • Advanced skills involving project and collaborations
 Excel (12 hours)
  • Beginner and Intermediate Skills
  • Advanced Skills/ Business Analytics with Excel
  • Excel Database Connection and VBA
 SQL (12 hours)
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Database Design/Querying
  • SQL Functions/Applications (with PHP)
 Tableau / Others (12 hours)
  • HTML & CSS: Create your own website
  • Tableau Beginner Skills
  • Tableau Intermediate Skills 
Other courses include Power BI, R, Java Script, HTML &CSS, PHP, Perl and many more.
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