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Technology drives almost all fields of endeavor in our world today and beneath every technology is a code. Coding (also called programming) is telling a computer, app, phone, or website what you want it to do. It is important that children get an understanding of coding as early as possible so that they can become a player in the field of technology instead of being only a consumer of technological products.

Codebots creates online courses for children from age 6 to allow them experience what goes behind their favorite game or app. It also gives them the hands-on practice of creating their own digital products. This increases their curiosity and may lead them to consider a future in technology.   


Coding helps children in many ways, some of which are as follows:

  • Coding is a fun experience for children

  • Coding enhances logical reasoning

  • Coding increases creativity & problem solving

  • Coding improves collaboration & patience

  • Coding increases vocabularies and develops communication 


Online Class Rules


All the rules of an online school apply to this course. Some of them are:


  1. Sign in to classes at least 10 minutes before class starts

  2. No review of covered content for latecomers

  3. No side talks or using phone/pads during class

  4. The teacher can kick you out of class if you are disturbing the class

  5. Interact with classmates respectfully

  6. Other rules will be shared in class

Knowledge Levels

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Level 1


Create a foundation for students with little or no skill. They become acquainted with the fundamentals of coding


Level 2


Builds on student's functional knowledge of coding. More in-depth learning with real-life applications 

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Level 3


Builds on established experience, knowledge, and learned skills in coding. Includes diverse applications of coding principles


Level 4


Master coders become more specialized and are able to integrate their skills into a practice domain 

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