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Coding makes children creators of digital technology;  not just expert users! That is why we create online coding classes for children from age 6.  Our Code on Zoom classes enables children to learn coding from the comfort of their homes. For every session, we have teachers teaching and providing support to the children as they complete in-class exercises. We also celebrate successes and walk through solving problems together. 


Coding is important for children, as we live in a digital age where using digital technologies, are part of children's daily activities. Therefore, in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic; children need to learn how to code.


Our students will learn how to create video games, robots, websites, virtual reality apps, and much more! We teach  Scratch, Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, Minecraft Modding, Robotics, Roblox, and many more. 

Weekly Coding Classes on Zoom

Hands on Practice

Real-World Projects

Certificate of Completion

So much more...

Here is a few ideas of what your child can do after learning how to code.


Build apps for different tasks 



Create a new version of their favorite games


Make  websites

Create websites on a topic of interest


SolVe Problems

Solve real world problems

Adult Coding Classes

We believe it is never too late to learn how to code so, we are excited to announce Adult Coding Class and Coding Masterclass for adults 18+.  

Who should take the class?

These classes are for anyone who uses a computer to work. Learning how to code enables you to supercharge your careers or become more competitive in their fields. 


How do I join the Class?

You need to register first and you will receive login instructions for the class session.

What do I need for class?

You need a computer or a laptop, not a pad or a telephone. You also need to have good internet connectivity as well as a headphone. It will be a good idea to have writing materials too!

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