General Programming:

Early Learners

Ages 8+
Inspire your child's imagination with our 'Early Learners' Course.

Fall Session: Fundamental Principles of Programming 1

Winter Session: Fundamental Principles of Programming 2

Spring Session: Fundamental Principles of Programming 3

Summer Session: Scratch Project

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Web Development

Ages 10+
Propel your child's coding journey with our 'Web Development' Course.

Fall Session: HTML/CSS 1

Winter Session: HTML/CSS 2

Spring Session: PHP/JavaScript

Summer Session: Web Development Project

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App Development

Ages 12+
Elevate your child's coding prowess with our 'App Development' Course.

Fall Session: Java Beginner

Winter Session: Java Intermediate

Spring Session: Java Advanced

Summer Session: Android App Project

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Specialized Programming:


Ages 8+
Expand your knowledge with our 'Python' Course.

Fall Session: Python 1

Winter Session: Python 2

Spring Session: Python 3

Summer Session: Python Project

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Graphic Design

Ages 8+
Learn the skills you need to express your creativity digitally

Fall Session: Graphic Design 1

Winter Session: Graphic Design 2

Spring Session: Graphic Design 3

Summer Session: Graphic Design Project

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We offer a number of courses designed for adults.

Python: programming foundation

Data Analysis: insights into information

Excel & PowerPoint: data mastery presentations

Graphic Design: vidual communication

On-Demand Topics: custom program

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What Students Need

For an effective studying session:


Internet Connection

Writing Material


Good Seating Area

Awesome Self