Courses for ADULTS

2 hour time slots available 4 days of the week.

We offer accelerated sessions for grown-ups. Here anyone of age is able to register for a course, or multiple courses, that cover specific topics.

We currently offer adult courses that teach Python, Data Analysis Principles, Excel and Powerpoint, Graphic Design, as well as On Demand Topics.

Adult classes are scheduled a bit different compared to our classes for kids. You may attend in-person or through Zoom, and each topic/course is taught for 2 hours, once per week, for 12 weeks. This means that each adult course is taught in just 3 months.


• In person: Mondays @ 5-7PM (MST)

• Online: Mondays @ 7-9PM (MST)

Data Analysis:

• In person: Tuesdays @ 5-7PM (MST)

• Online: Tuesdays @ 7-9PM (MST)

Excel and PowerPoint:

• In person: Fridays @ 5-7PM (MST)

• Online: Fridays @ 7-9PM (MST)

On Demand Topics:

• In person: Saturdays @ 10-12AM (MST)

• Online: Saturdays @ 2-4PM (MST)

*Class start dates are to be announced*